Puff-Buff Studio

PUFF-BUFF Studio is made up of Anna Siedlecka (graduate of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk) and Radosław Achramowicz (graduate of Architecture Faculty at Gdańsk University of Technology, and a Ph.D. at Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology). Their design and production studio deals with industrial design and production of lighting fixtures under a brand name PUFF-BUFF. Since its debut at the Milan Design Fair in 2004, the studio has become better known, mainly due to inflatable lamps, shown in London, Paris, Berlin. The Siedlecka-Achramowicz duo has won many awards, including DME Award (Design Management Europe); they were shortlisted for the Good Design Awards and Best Products of the past 5 years organized by 2 + 3D magazine, and the PUFF-BUFF chandeliers illuminated Paris Fashion Week as well.

Description of work:
Inflatable PVC lamps suspended as a lighting feature for the representative part of RENOMA — a staircase of Czysta Street. Lamps are based on the BUBBLES system (inflatable elements + LEDs), the same that was used by designers to build lighting structures in RENOMA’s atrium. In this case, the color of the light can be changed with a remote control. The blue lamps above small atriums of RENOMA also are a work of the studio — those are BLUE GRASS LEDs, custom-made in a larger size specially for RENOMA.

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