Maurycy Gomulicki

On April 22, 2010, on a glass skylight linking the old and new part of RENOMA he unveiled his latest work. Thus a descendant of writer Viktor Gomulicki and famous varsavianista Juliusz Gomulicki visually changed the space of RENOMA.

Biographical note:
Maurycy Gomulicki is a graphic designer, photographer, creator of installations and short film forms, interior designer and collector. His actions are visual manifestations of broadly understood pop culture. He studied at the Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and continued his education at the Universitat de Barcelona (1992-1993), Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan (1994) and Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico (1997–1998). He is also involved with graphic design and book illustration. His articles were published in ”Machina” and “Fluid. Swoje”. In December 2007 he published a photo album of Warsaw titled “W-wa.” From October 2006 he runs his blog He lives and works both in Warsaw and Mexico and is a descendant of well-known writer Viktor Gomulicki and a varsavianista and essayist Juliusz Gomulicki.

Continuer of family artistic traditions is known, among others, for the series “Sentimental Typologies” that portrayed a world of erotic phantasmagoria, created by photographing store mannequins. On the other hand his “Vaginettes” (photo-series) were an attempt in challenging a sensual potential in the image of  science and religion. Within „MEXXXICO Erotica Shop” project Gomulicki, with Jorge Covarrubias and Salvador Quiroz, have designed a sex-shop store chain.

Description of work:
Artist in his latest work uses the assumptions of a Dutch painter and creator of Neoplasticism at the same time, Piet Mondrian, who claimed that it is art’s work to illustrate laws governing the universe. Hence the combination of two linear directions: vertical and horizontal, forming a right angle.

Colors play here huge role, limited to three primary colors where yellow, red and blue symbolize matter. Neutral colors that appear in the work – black, white and gray – express space. This theory was reflected in the architecture of functionalism, so readily explored by Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, and also in Poland by the Praesens group. Subjecting a building block of the idea of “pure architecture” brought with it the decision to blur the boundaries between architecture and technique, purification from unnecessary decorative elements, as most important was the function performed by the building, and then at last the construction and form became important.

Maurycy Gomulicki refers to those traditions, sees the need for dialogue with Mondrian’s thought. The asymmetry of the colored fields on the glass façade made an architecture of RENOMA even more attractive – while retaining the spirit of modernism is a perfect example of combining historical building and modern architecture in itself.

– Ever since its opening RENOMA has not only been a department store – latest trends in arts and architecture has been observed here. Wertheim’s customers recognized this truth, and thanks to revitalisation – modern RENOMA’s clients also came to this realization – says Tomasz P. Chenczke, CEO of Centrum Development & Investments. – This work of Maurycy Gomulicki, who specializes in the visual manifestations of widely understood pop culture, is another permanent work designed right from the very beginning with exhibiting it in RENOMA. It is also another element of this place, distinguishing it from other commercial objects not only in Wroclaw, but also in Poland. Maurycy Gomulicki joins prestigious list of artists who made their work especially for RENOMA – painter Jarosław Fliciński, Monika Sosnowska specializing in spatial installations. His work will coexist in the spaces of RENOMA with a mural by Karol Radziszewski, as well as the avant-garde chandeliers by PUFF-BUFF studio and chandeliers designedby a classic – Verner Panton.

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