Karol Radziszewski

‘I have always wanted to be a skilled painter and conceptual artist, a Catholic, a priest, a terrorist, a socially useful person and an anti-socialist rebel, a private person and a mysterious celebrity.’

Biographical note:

A painter, performer and social activist; in his projects, he skillfully uses various media, from classical to experimental ones (spatial works, video-art, multimedia, blogs). His work entails the process of studying various forms of communication with reality and the functioning of art in life. He often combines popular and classic elements, strongly interweaved with the sphere of individual experiences.


Description of work:

The mural “Faeton, Amor, Hermes”, created specially for RENOMA, is inspired by themes that have been present in art history since antiquity. It is an ironic game with these motifs and a reference to numerous creators performing ordered works in the public space.





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