Jarosław Fliciński

Biographical note:
Jarosław Fliciński — a world-famous Polish painter. He graduated from the Architecture Faculty at Gdańsk University of Technology and the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. His works have been exhibited in the best European and American galleries — in New York and Chicago, among others.

In his abstract painting, Jarosław Flicinski uses simple geometric shapes to express emotions. His works have been often compared to musical notation, an attempt to recreate rhythms typical for music.

Description of work:
The fresco by Jarosław Fliciński bearing the emblematic name “Never Say Never Again” was created in 2009 using acrylic paints on a wall of the staircase leading to the parking lot of RENOMA. This 600 m2 work is intended for viewing on the move, while on the escalators.

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