RENOMA Department Store is more than a temple of retail, it also is the Mecca of modern art admirers. The list of artists and works created especially for Renoma has grown steadily over the years — the circle of Jarosław Fliciński,  Karol Radziszewski, Studio VerPan and Studio PUFF-BUFF has been joined by Istvan Kantor.

Our works of art astonish with their innovative and conceptual qualities, while provoking reflection and fun. They make the public space of a department store gain an additional dimension, allowing visitors to experience latest trends in modern art. Works of young Polish artists featured in Renoma are important elements of this place, distinguishing it from other department stores, not only in Wrocław, but throughout Poland as well. And these are not temporary exhibitions of artistic achievements or occasional cultural events, but permanent works, designed from the beginning with the view of their display in Renoma. The exhibits include examples of painting and spatial installations as well as examples of the modern industrial design. In 2014, the collection was expanded with a graffiti created during the exhibition “Media Revolt,” presented in Renoma, by the Hungarian artist Istvan Kantor. The graffiti combines elements characteristic for the oeuvre of Kantor, with references made to the institutional role of art, fight for the individuality of an individual in the technological society, and a form of a rebellion towards the social situation which he lives in.

Istvan Kantor

Istvan Kantor (aka “Monty Cantsin”, and “Amen!”), he himself was born in Hungary but his art was born in Toronto. In his artistic practice he uses various means of expression, such as video, performance, multimedia installations.

Karol Radziszewski

A painter, performer and social activist, in the realization of his projects easily uses various media, from classical to experimental (spatial works, video-art, multimedia, blogs).

Maurycy Gomulicki

Maurycy Gomulicki is a graphic designer, photographer, creator of installations and short film forms, interior designer and collector. His actions are visual manifestations of broadly understood pop culture.

Jarosław Fliciński

Jarosław Fliciński – Polish painter well known all around the world. His work has been exhibited in the best European and American galleries – in New York and Chicago among others.


PUFF-BUFF Studio is comprised of Anna Siedlecka and Radosław Achramowicz. Their design and production studio deals with industrial design and production of lighting fixtures under a brand name PUFF-BUFF.


Panton lamps are manufactured in Denmark by a well-know VerPan company, which has been working with the designer’s family from the very beginning and produce lighting combining quality and originality.

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