History of Renoma

RENOMA Department Store is a unique place in Wrocław. Since its opening on 2 April 1930, the building itself has been admired for its exceptional façade, featuring gildings as well as remarkable portrait sculptures depicting the faces of people from different continents. Those were meant to symbolize not only that the goods offered at the store came from different countries, but, above all, the openness to others: respect for people and their views. These timeless values are as important to us as they were to the Wertheim brothers — the founders of RENOMA.

The passage of time and demands of present days called for revitalization of the store. At the same time, the then owner — Centrum Development & Investments —carried out its comprehensive modernization and expansion. The reopening took place in 2009. On the building’s carefully restored façade, one can admire over a hundred portrait sculptures as well as multi-colored, shimmering tiles, partially gilded with genuine gold.

In 2016, Griffin Premium Re.. became the new owner of RENOMA Department Store. The REIT-type company was established in 2016 by singling out nine attractive real estate properties from a portfolio created and managed by Griffin Real Estate Group, a leading and dynamically growing investor on commercial real estate market in Central and Eastern Europe. The property portfolio of Griffin Premium Re.. currently consists of six office properties and three retail and office sites, all conveniently located in five Polish cities: Warszawa, Wrocław, Łódź, Kraków, and Katowice. Since April 2017, Griffin Premium Re.. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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