“Property Design Awards 2016” (February 2016)

During the 2016 Property Design Awards Gala, the best Polish commercial and public investment projects of the last decade were awarded. The “Structure: the shopping center” statuette went to Renoma Department Store. Property Design Awards 2016 were granted to properties created over the last decade. ‘It is the largest historical object of its kind in Poland. The investor has created a successful marriage of history and modernity,’ said the justification of the award for Renoma.


Grand Prix of “FRIENDLY PUBLIC SPACE” (October 2011)

Renoma was awarded in the category of facility or civic building area. “Friendly Public Space” contest is about promoting the quality of public space that enriches the development of new urbanized areas, creating coherent spatial urban planning and comprehensive revitalization of buildings and complexes as particularly interesting creative achievements in shaping the spatial order.


“Best Architectural Development 2010” (July 2010)

The building of Renoma was awarded for the second time by the Polish division of the international forum on architecture. For the second consecutive year, Renoma won the title of best architectural development. For the first time in the history of this competition, last year’s leader won again.

“Refurbished Project of the Year 2009” (February 2010)

In February 2010, Renoma won the CEE Retail Real Estate Awards competition organized by in the category of the most successful modernization of existing facilities. The jury of the competition, made up of prominent real estate professionals, appreciated the high quality of Renoma revitalization and the care that the owner of the building took to restore the historic elements of the façade.

“Grand Prix — Best Architectural Design 2009” (June 2010)

Renoma won the Grand Prix of the prestigious “Beautiful Wrocław” contest for the best architectural design of 2009. The revitalization project had also been previously awarded the first prize in the “civic building” category.

“Building of the Year 2010” (August 2010)

As the only investment from Poland, Renoma was shortlisted to the finals of the “Building of the Year 2010” competition, organized by the International Architecture Festival in Barcelona. The World Architecture Festival — Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) — is the most prestigious event in the architectural industry in the world.

“Grand Prix — the Lower Silesia Construction 2009 Contest” (September 2010)

The Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians awarded Renoma in the Lower Silesian Construction of the Year contest. It was appreciated not only for the appearance of the building and construction solutions, but for the restoration of the historic elements of the façade as well.

“SARP Award of the Year” (December 2010)

An award granted by the Association of Polish Architects to Renoma for the excellent continuation of the cultural values that the building designed by Mendelsohn represents in the city-skape; for a special ability to lead a modern and equal dialogue with recognized work of modernism using simple but geometrically and artfully applied means of expression and attention to architectural detail.


“Best Architectural Development 2009” (July 2009)

Renoma was awarded first place for the best architectural development in the Skyscrapercity ranking organized by the Polish branch of the international forum on architecture, thus outranking, among others, The Old Brewery in Poznań, Poznań City Park, and “Scheibler’s” lofts in Łódź.

“Renoma: Reflections of Wrocław” (October 2009)

The history of Renoma’s reconstruction was presented at the Arup Gallery in London at a special exhibition organized as part of “POLSKA!YEAR,” the Polish Year in the UK project. The exhibition was a part of a series of cultural events organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and the Institute of Polish Culture in London in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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